LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve

On Saturday Max and I went out to the LeFurge Woods nature Preserve in Superior Township. I have been driving past it a couple of times a day for years on my commute to work. I have only ever stopped along the roadside to take some pictures of birds. Recently I read a post on YpsiDixit’s blog
about exploring the preserve. Prior to that I was not aware that there were actually trails through the area and that people could go walking through it. Since Saturday was such a nice day, Max and I went for a walk and wandered around for about 1 1/2 hours. Thanks to the rain in the preceding days, the wetland was particularly wet and we came out with very muddy shoes.
Tree Swallow
I took a whole bunch of pictures and a selection of them can be found here. Fortunately with digital photography I have the freedom to just shoot and shoot and edit later without having to pay for photofinishing. I took about 160 photos, something that would have been completely impractical for me in the film era that I grew up in.

This preserve is a wonderful little piece of nature not very far from where we live. If you are in the area it is definitely worth a visit.

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