Danko Jones

Sometime last summer I first stumbled across a band called Danko Jones. They are trio from Toronto. I don’t remember which podcast I first heard them on, but it was probably The Rock and Roll Geek Show. At any rate I loved what I heard, and I checked out their site at Dankojones.com. I downloaded a couple of tracks directly off their site, and then found more of their music at emusic.com. These guys have kind of garage-rock punk sound and they have a new album coming out in May. This week I heard the first new track from Sleep is the Enemy on Accident Hash and also on the Daily Source Code. First Date is hot. It’s got a great hook and just rocks. I already bought this and the other 2 non-album tracks that emusic has up. One these b-sides is a pumped-up cover of the Elvis Costello song Pump It Up. If you like good rock, go check these guys out.

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