Daily Archives: March 28, 2006

Eagle’s Nest

Last night on Digg.com I spotted an item about a camera watching a wild bald eagle’s nest. A digital video camera is pointed at an eagles nest on Hornby Island near Vancouver, British Columbia. The feed from the camera is being streamed during daylight hours. The live view of the bald eagle tending her 2 eggs is just an amazing sight. From time to time she gets up and moves around and you can see the eggs. Very cool.

What a deal

So this morning I look at the auto pages of the local papers and it is all about huge layoffs of engineers at General Motors, anywhere from at few hundred to a couple of thousand at the Warren, MI Tech Center. So what pops in my e-mail this afternoon? A message from a head-hunter who saw my resume on monster.com about a job opportunity at GM. Needless to say, since I have a family to support and and mortgage to pay, I decided to humbly decline the offer. Too bad because in another time and place it might have been an interesting opportunity.