Daily Archives: March 27, 2006

fun site to check out

One of my fellow cubicle dwellers here just pointed me to a fun site 20Q where you play 20 questions against an internet based neural network. The system adapts based on the responses people give to the questions it asks. The system asked some very interesting questions. I was thinking of a cashew and it asked the following questions before getting to the right answer

Q27. I am guessing that it is a cashew (nut)?
Right, Wrong, Close
26. Is it a root vegetable? No.
25. I guessed that it was an almond? Wrong.
24. Does it open? No.
23. Is it used in Oriental cooking? Yes.
22. I guessed that it was a hazelnut? Wrong.
21. Do you make pie from it? Maybe.
20. I guessed that it was a macadamia nut? Wrong.
19. Is it a source of energy? Yes.
18. Can you add it to a salad? Yes.
17. Does it make noise? No.
16. Can you jump on it? No.
15. Does it smell sweet? No.
14. Does it come from the ground? No.
13. Are there many different sorts of it? No.
12. Does it taste good with butter? Irrelevant.
11. Is it crunchy? Yes.
Does it come from trees? Unknown.
10. Does it grow over time? Yes.
9. Does it taste sweet? Yes.
8. Is it a type of fruit? No.
7. Is it yellow? Yes.
6. Can you talk on it? No.
5. Can it be used in a pie? Maybe.
4. Is it normally planted in gardens? No.
3. Does it have anything to do with salad? No.
2. Is it green or black? No.
1. It is classified as Vegetable.

Go check it out, it’s fun.