Podcasting Guide

Apple has put up a nice introductory guide to podcasting on their site. The guide is geared toward new podcast listeners. If you are not already listening to podcasts this is a good place to start. The one difference I would recommend is the directory. The apple guide discusses how to get to the itunes podcast directory. As much as I like itunes in general, the itunes podcast directory sucks. Apperently, Apple only has a few people maintaining their directory and they are focusing on shows put out by big mainstream media companies like Disney and Clear Channel. Most of these shows suck. Finding good podcasts, especially independently produced podcasts like most of the ones I have written about here, is really hard in the itunes directory if you don’t already know the name of the podcast. If you want to find new podcasts start at some place like podcast alley. You can browse and search for podcasts, read reviews, and rate shows. Podcast alley has almost 17,000 shows listed now. There are also a bunch of other directories like Podcast Pickle, Podcast.net, and Indiepodder.org.

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