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I was listening to Insomnia Radio #69 the other day heard something really amazing. Lorenzo’s Music is a band I’ve heard on quite a few music podcasts over the past year. The band has really latched on to podcasting, and have come to the realization that the more people hear their music, the more they can make money by getting people ot shows, selling merchandise, and selling cds. They have realized that people sharing music is actually a good promotional vehicle. Because of this they have decided to make all three of their cd’s available for free download under a creative commons non-commercial share-alike license. This means that anyone is free to download, burn and share the music and use it for any non-commercial purpose. This band has a really unique sound that they describe like this:

Lorenzo’s Music is Tom Ray (vocals), Mark Whitcomb (guitar), Scott Beardsley (drums), Bryan Elliott (saxophone), and Chris Boeger (bass). They are not a punk band experimenting with 30’s-style swing, an indie rock band trying their hands at Chicago-style blues, or a hardcore band exploring their love of latin rhythms. They are simply a group of talented guys who obviously see no reason why they can’t just do all of the above.

Their sound is a really unique blend with almost Tom Waits like vocals. Here is a sample from their latest album Solamente Tres Palabras. If you like it go over and download them all. Then tell your friends.

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