Daily Archives: February 11, 2006

Tired of all the winners?

Actually I don’t really care much about any of it. I haven’t really watched any sports on TV in years. I actually don’t watch much TV at all. However, when I did last see stuff like the Olympics I was so nauseated by all the fawning puff piece background segments on the American stars that I turned it off and never looked back. This morning however I spotted a cool post on scripting news about all the losers at the Olympics. The blog is called DFL, and if you can’t figure out the meaning of the acronym from the content, you probably shouldn’t know it anyway. The writer of the blog started this in 2004 during the Athens summer games. Now he has revived it for this years winter games in Turin. He writes a post about the last place finisher in every single event. So far as I post this South Korea is leading with 2 last place finishes in the first 4 events. Here’s to all the losers of the world! They worked hard to get to the Olympics too and they deserve some recognition. Remember the Eddie the Eagle from the 1988 games in Calgary? As far as I’m concerned Eddie and the Jamacian bobsled team were the stars of the Calgary Games.Eddie the Eagle I think it really sucks when stuck up people like the IOC take all the fun out of life by essentially banning the likes of Eddie. We need more people like him, not less. Long live Eddie the Eagle!