Daily Archives: January 30, 2006

On the plus side

Congrats to one of my other co-workers Cheryl, her husband Rob and the now one day old Ryan Alexander! Better late than never. I’m almost positive they don’t read this or even know about it, but best of luck anyway!

Just when you think you’re out… 2

…They pull you back in! I was just talking to one of my colleagues here in the office. Over the weekend he was talking to his cousin who has been out the military for nine years. He just got notice from the defense department that he is being reactivated. He will have two weeks of training to get back in shape, and then another two weeks to learn his new responsibilities. Then he gets shipped out to Iraq. Two weeks to learn what to do there! No wonder the whole situation there is such a cluster fuck. This guy’s wife just had a baby last summer and the poor guy just started a business. As hard as it is to get a business going, it is probably hosed already. All this so shrub’s buddies in Houston can keep get rich and fat at the public trough.