If ever there was a time…

…This is the time for a filibuster. Samuel Alito has no business being on the Supreme Court. Any judge nominated by George Bush has no business on the court. Finally John Kerry is showing some spine. He and Ted Kennedy are leading a filibuster of the Alito nomination. I urge you to call your senators right now and tell them to support the filibuster. I just called the offices of Sen. Carl Levin and Sen Debbie Stabenow. Sen. Stabenow is supporting the filibuster.

Here are some numbers for the senators from Michigan:

Carl Levin – 202-224-6221
Debbie Stabenow – 202-224-4822

If you are not from Michigan find your Senator’s number here and call!

Do it now! Don’t Wait!

Have You Called Yet! What Are You Waiting For?!

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