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6 thoughts on “New Look

  • trusty getto

    Dude! I just did the exact same thing not three weeks ago! Does this qualify as a movement, a trend, or merely a coincidence?

    BTW, the look is quite sweet !

  • Sam Post author

    Actually it is coincidence. I have been messing around with new themes for a couple of months. I have just been trying to teach myself a bit about php and cascading style sheets so I could get the look I wanted and the stuff I wanted in the sidebars. I’m glad you like the look. I will probably still be tweaking it for a while.

  • trusty getto

    You inspired me, and I did a complete makeover last night. I’ve been wanting two sidebars as well, and I was frustrated with the relatively small content column and the Blogger generic look. Now, my sidebars float, so the content column gets bigger on larger screens. Makes me a happy camper.

    Lemme know what you think, if you have a moment.