You think it’s been dark around here?

I was looking through some old photos and I found some stuff I took in Sweden in 1993. In my job we do cold weather development in various parts of the world including the northern Sweden, On my first trip to Sweden I arrived on Jan. 4 1993. Moskosel at noon in early january crop
This photo was was taken while standing on a frozen lake in Moskosel Sweden at approximately 12 noon on about this date in 1993. Note the proximity of the sun to the horizon. That is as high as it gets this time of the year and it only visible for about 20-25 minutes. The rest of the time it is dark. The plus side is that it is great for star gazing. You get to see a lot of northern lights too.

arvidsjaur map

This map shows where Arvidsjaur is in Northern Sweden west of the Finnish border.

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