Daily Archives: January 4, 2006

Real Estate developers suck! 4

Michigan desperately needs long-term high paying jobs. Building yet another subdivision will create a few construction jobs for a few months to a year. There are already plenty of houses that are sitting on the market for increasing amounts of time. What we need are companies that are going to create well paying high skilled jobs for the long haul. Today the Michigan Supreme Court decided to screw the workers of Michigan. They ruled in favor of an Oakland County developer who wants to buy the former Ypsilanti Psychiatric Hospital site for another subdivision. The state is trying to sell the property to Toyota who want to build a new Technical Center that will create 1000 new high paying jobs. If they don’t get this property they will very likely build their tech center in Kentucky where they have their biggest North American production facility. The developer DPG-York should stop this case now and walk away from this, but they clearly care more about their own short-term gain than they do about the health of the Michigan economy. The court should have dropped this case and let the Toyota deal move forward which would have been best for Michigan.