Daily Archives: December 25, 2005

Hawk on the golf course

I was driving by the Washtenaw country club the other day, and there is a pond at the north west corner of the property. There are always a large group of ducks that congregate there. As I was going by I glanced over and saw something that was clearly not one of the usual mallards sitting there by the edge of the water. I swung by my house and grabbed the camera and came back and got the following shot

Zooming in on the image reveals that the red-tailed hawk was apparently partaking in a pre-christmas duck for lunch (note the red stain on the snow to the right of the hawk).

It’s amazing what you can see in nature around here if you just keep your eyes open. Unfortunately as I approached the fence of the golf course the ducks started to quack, the hawk looked over at me and the took off carrying the rest of it’s meal in it’s talons. This is the first time I have seen a hawk here in town, although I see them pretty regularly on my drive to work, in Superior Twp. and along M-14.