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I’ve had a couple of people comment positively on the site design of this blog. I appreciate that and just wanted to let anyone reading this know about a couple of things. First of all if you scroll down the sidebar you may notice the creative commons license and logo. Creative commons is a copyright system developed by Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University. There are a variety of licenses to chose from. Essentially the creative commons license I chose means that Anything I publish here is free for anyone else to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you provide attribution to the source (in this case, me!) I am a big proponent of creative commons and see it as a good way to undermine the the media conglomerates that increasingly control the culture of our times. I am also a big supporter of open source software. I use wordpress to publish this blog and it is open source. If you like any elements of the site design and want to use them, go right ahead. You can view page source by right clicking on the page. I can also send yo the template php files if you like and you can modify them any way you like for your own use.

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