What on earth are they thinking? 2

I just saw over on Ypsidixit’s blog that the Ann Arbor Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is doing one of those lame public “art” projects that every big city has done in the last few years. Various cities have done cows, horses, cartoon cars and moose. They have a couple of dozen fiberglass casts of whatever figure they choose, each one painted in some different pattern. For some reason, Ann Arbor has decided they need to follow this tired trend. So what has A2 chosen? Footballs.
This is truly an embarrassment for Ann Arbor. This is not going to draw tourists to Ann Arbor. It is just going to make locals cringe every time they see one of these things.

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2 thoughts on “What on earth are they thinking?

  • Gerry

    Okay, this is a weird place to post my first comment, but it just turned out this way, so here goes.

    Unfortunately, it looks like this whole thing is too far along to be stoppped. If they really felt like they needed to do something like this, I would’ve recommended giant cellos, all painted like real cellos in subtle sunburst finishes, but they didn’t ask me.

    As far as the proposed designs for these giant fiberglass footballs are concerned, most are indeed hideous. I must admit, however, that I actually like the one that looks like ancient Greek pottery painting, but I’d like it better still if the athletic figures depicted were engaging in acts of fellatio and sodomy. It would provide a fitting visual metaphor for the underlying homoeroticism that is so integral to an understanding of, and appreciation for, the game of football.