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One of my favorite elements fo podcasting is the story telling. There are some amazing story tellers on podcasts. This has become something of a lost art in recent years but clearly they aren’t all gone. Two of the best are Matt from Digital Detroit Radio and P.W. Fenton from Digital Flotsam. Matt’s show is a mix of music and stories. He plays various podsafe music and tells funny stories about the silly and ridiculous thing that he encounters in everyday life. The kind of silly and ridiculous things that happen to all of us. A prime example was on his show 58 when he told a tale of going to supermarket and having to pick up some teen magazines that his wife needed for a presentation. Matt has a great delivery and his stories are almost always very funny. P-Dub has a wonderful way with words and his stories are always really heartfelt and make me smile.

P-Dub is different. Each show has a different theme and he tells a longer form story. The most recent show #28 has a couple of wonderful thanksgiving stories. The shows typically run about 25-30 minutes. He interperses segments of the story with some music. This part unfortunately has caused P-Dub some grief recently. Not all of the music he used in the first 26 episodes was podsafe. Thanks to the incredible stupidity of the executives at the big record companies, he has taken those shows down off of his site. He explains why in episode # 27. I have most of the the older shows archived and if you are interested in hearing any of them, let me know and I will send them to you. Hopefully P-Dub won’t mind. I particularly recomend the brain-dead edition where he explains why all young boys are brain-dead and the follow-up where he tells of the not so young in the Florida legislature who are also brain-dead.

Go give both Matt and P-dub a listen. You won’t regret it.

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4 thoughts on “Storytellers

  • Sam Post author

    Hey P-Dub!

    Thanks for stopping by. I really do enjoy your stories and podcasting in general has given me a real lift in the past year. In so many ways the past few years have really sucked, but discovering new media in the form of podcasting has given me some hope that real people can take back control from big corporations and the wealthy elites who control America right now. Please continue to visit when you have time, and feel free to contribute if you like.