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I like to read the gadget sites like Engadget and Gizmodo. Being an engineer and a geek (and proud of it!), I am always fascinated by the stuff that people can come up with. For all of the faults of humanity, and there is definitely no shortage of those, people can be so incredibly creative and resourceful. Of course I often wish that they would direct some of those efforts, toward making the world a better place to live. But I am still amazed by the ingenuity of people. I like gadgets and I have my fair share of them, although there are plenty, that although they are fascinating, I still think are dumb and useless. Over on Engadget they have an item about a treadmill bike. treadmill bike Someone attached a treadmill to a bicycle frame to create a bike that you walk on to move instead of pedalling. Engadget’s caption says it all, “You know, you could also just walk.”

Meanwhile on Gizmodo they have been having a running joke about people’s ipod shrines. Now I love my ipod and take it almost everywhere with me. But I wouldn’t build a shrine to it. It is a device that I use all the time. I love the design and the user interface. I don’t worship it. I have also love legos since I was a kid and my son max loves them too. Having said all that, I still this particular ipod shrine is very funny. leog ipod shrine

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