On a positive note

My son Max plays on flag football team in the Ypsi Township league. The coach of the team he is on this year is just great. Bobby Johnson has probably the best attitude of any coach I have ever met. He really encourages the players to just do their best and have fun. He tells them that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, it is about working as a team and having fun. All the players are part of a team and do their part. During games he doesn’t keep track of scores. And his son John Rae who this year is no longer eligible to play (6-13 years old only) also comes and helps out. Last night John Rae spent half the practise jsut working with a couple of the players on catching the ball on the run. These players were having difficulty catching the ball while running a pattern and John Rae just kept running over the same patterns with them over and over until they got it. It was all about building their confidence. The players were capable they just needed confidence and they got it. I know John Rae is also a top student at school. Both Bobby and John Rae are an inspiration and great example. The city and township of Ypsilanti should be proud to have these guys as members of the community. I salute you!

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