Daily Archives: September 24, 2005

The Corpse Bride Lives!!

We just went to see The Corpse Bride. It was another brilliant movie from Tim Burton. If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas, you will love this one. The visuals are stunning, the voice acting is great and Danny Elfman did another great job on the music. This film was done with the same type of stop motion animation used for nightmare but this time it was shot digitally. Instead of using traditional film cameras, they used Canon EOS-1D Mark II digital slr still cameras. This style of animation takes a lot of time, they get about 2 minutes of footage per week. The look is pure Tim Burton and the writing was great. It is a really sweet story without being sappy. There were some really funny scenes and the ending was very fitting. It was very enjoyable for both the adults and the kids. I highly recommend it. It is not often these days that adults can go to a movie with their kids and everyone can enjoy it. That’s two in one year for Tim Burton!Victor & Victoria