Shrub’s brain to lead NOLA rebuilding effort

Over on talking points memo Josh Marshall has an item about shrub assigning Karl Rove to assemble the team to determine how to rebuild New Orleans.

Priorities on display, from the Post

Bush already has dispatched his top strategist, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and other aides to assemble ideas from agencies, conservative think tanks, GOP lawmakers and state officials to guide the rebuilding of New Orleans and relocation of flood victims. The idea, aides said, is twofold: provide a quick federal response that comports with Bush’s governing philosophy, and prevent Katrina from swamping his second-term ambitions on Social Security, taxes and Middle East democracy-building.

Head of effort, Karl Rove.
Sources of ideas, Agencies, conservative think tanks, GOP lawmakers.
The aim, quick response that squares with conservatism.
Aim, part II, not getting distracted from real priorities.

Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together would problably gather some urban planning experts and architects and maybe sociologists to figure out how best to rebuild a devestated city. But shrub gets his main political strategist and conservative activists to decide how the city should be reconstructed. As usual everything comes down to the republican political agenda and how to move it forward. This is yet another display of shrub’s atrocious judgement. Why would anyone trust anything this man says or does?

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