Daily Archives: September 13, 2005

Microsoft uses invalid code on website in order to make it work with IE

Here is another reason not to use Internet Explorer and better yet not to use any Micorsoft product. IE is so badly broken and not compliant with internet standards that MS has to use invalid html code to make pages look right in IE. This means that it won’t render properly in other browsers. In Firefox it looks like this:
ms html in firefox

MS does this on purpose because they don’t want users to use other browsers. If people use other browsers MS can’t control what they see and do. Non-IE browsers don’t work with most microsoft support and download pages either. It wasn’t always that way. Until a few months ago almost all ms pages were accessible from firefox but ms changed them so that now you get an error message that you must use IE to view this page. Fortunately someone came up with an alternate page where you can download windows updates from firefox. Just go to windizupdate.com.

Microsoft web site building tools also generate invalid html. My son’s school site doesn’t work properly in firefox either. Someone built it using a microsoft tool and it only works in IE. The school district web site used to be that way too but I managed to get in touch with someone responsible for the site and got them to fix it. I still have to figure out is responsible for the school site. This kind of behavior is part of why I refuse to support Microsoft with my money (not to mention many other reasons). Microsoft is a very poor corporate citizen, and generally does not do things that are good for the overall internet community.

BTW I found this item on digg.com, a very cool tech news site.