Daily Archives: September 8, 2005

The Republicans are at it again.

The current republican white house and congress are the the most secretive in history. Now in the wake of the collosal fuck-up the department of homeland insecurity and federal emergency mis-management agency have perpetrated on the people of the gulf coast, they are at it again. The republicans are trying to push through a nearly $52 billion aid bill. But they are refusing to allow any debate or ammendments on the bill. In fact they wont even let democrats read the text of the bill that they are expected to vote on. Clearly they are trying to hide something. Where is Tom Delay trying to send all this money? To Iraq? To Haliburton?

In the wake of what the Wall Street Journal projected may be the most expensive natural disaster in American history, the Republican Leadership in the House of Representatives limited floor consideration of the $52 billion Katrina relief bill proposed by President Bush and voted to reject any Democratic efforts to amend the bill to include a wider array of relief measures, RAW STORY has learned.

Democrats said no one had even seen a copy of the legislation.

Voting along party lines, Republicans denied a measure that would have allowed for two hours of discussion and opened up the measure to be amended.