Daily Archives: September 6, 2005

Put a stop to all Bush nominee’s

I just called the offices of Senators Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow and Arlen Spector. I urged of all them to do whatever is necessary to stop all further Bush nominees, particularly Supreme Court nominees. There is no rule that the Supreme Court must have 9 sitting justices. The court can move forward with only 7 justices. The actions and words of George Bush himself and his appointees over the past week have clearly demonstrated that he has such poor judgement when it comes to his choices that he cannot be trusted to put anyone on the supreme court. The supreme court is far too important to let this fool mess with it. I urge anyone reading this to call there senators and also Sen Spector (he is the chairman of the judiciary comitee) and urge them to reject all Bush judicial nominees especially supreme court nominees. Here is the page where you can find the phone number of your senator’s office in Washington. Please call today. Urge them to filibuster or do whatever is necessary to stop bush nominees. After look at what his previous appointees have done in Iraq, Gauntanamo Bay, New Orleans and elsewhere.