Daily Archives: September 2, 2005

Deliberately Unprepared?

I got back from my trip last friday afternoon and as soon as I looked at my browser I saw that there was a hurricane in the gulf of Mexico. I checked the weather sites and at that point the storm was already on a track for the coast of Louisiana. This was 3 days before it hit. Why were the National Guard already mobilised at that time and on their way to the Gulf coast? Why are they only arriving 4 days after the flood?

Clearly during the course of this week the bush administration has demonstrated such an extraordinary lack of judgement that clearly they cannot be trusted with any of their nominees for even the most trivial position. I believe that the congress should refuse to vote on any more bush nominees for the remainder of his term. After seeing the performance of his Homeland Security secretary and FEMA director (along with the various appointees in Iraq) none bush nominee for the supreme court should be approved.