What, No ID? 6

Sofia had her first day of high school today and brought home a bunch of papers to sign today with all the class rules and marking procedures. As I perused the syllabus for her biology class, I saw stuff about dna, genetics, evolution, etc. There was no reference to unintelligent design whatsoever. What do they think this is the 21st century or something? And where is the flying spaghetti monster? Come on lets get with the program.

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6 thoughts on “What, No ID?

  • trusty getto

    I’m sorry for the oversight, Sam. I’ll get the indoctrination (oh, I mean education) started after Labor Day. I’ll also get Intelligent Design on a future Board agenda.

    Really, Sam, I’m sorry for the oversight. Please don’t recall me. I’m not sure what got into me.

  • trusty getto

    Now that you mention it, I will also work on getting that gravity hoax wiped off the books so we can have it properly taught as merely a theory as well. Perhaps it is the flying spaghetti monster that is responsible for gravity. I’m not sure. I’ll be sure to ask a televangelist next time I feel the urge to worship over the airwaves.