Daily Archives: August 28, 2005

The entertainment industry will soon disappear

And good riddance to it. The executives in the industry are obsessed with protecting their products and limiting what customers can do with it. Well once I buy something, it is mine and no one should be able to tell me what I can do with it as long as I am not putting anyone else in danger. The only reason I even vaguely support the itunes music store is because the drm that itunes puts on the songs is really just an afterthought and is easily removed. The first thing I do with songs from itunes is run jhymn and xtrip off all the protection. Most people apparently haven’t encountered drm yet, but I agree with this post from Tim Bray

There’s a lot of noise over the Open Media Commons DRM-for-the-masses announcement. Me, I thought Jonathan Schwartz’s little parable yesterday was way more interesting. What all the DRM dreamers don’t want to admit is that 95% or more of the population hasn’t yet encountered DRM, and when they do, they aren’t going to like it. They’re going to scream and scream and scream and get mad as hell and not take it any more. I’m talking about the honest people who play by the rules: they buy a house and the vendor moves out and pulls no more strings. They buy sofas and flowers and wine and paper and the store where they bought them doesn’t try to limit what you can do with them, and when the digital-media vendors try to horn in on this relationship, the response is going to be “you and whose army?” OK, if there’s ever a place where DRM is appropriate, it had better be open and non-monopolistic and all that. But the music and movie companies who are clinging to this idiotic idea that they can sell stuff to people and retain the rights to micromanage it, well they’re in for some really unpleasant surprises. People who are surprised, or think I’m a radical, should check out Cory Doctorow’s classic rant; for slightly different, but also stimulating angle, see Roger Sperberg’s The Law of Computer Entropy.

When exposure to drm becomes widespread, I think people will abandon the mainstream music and movie industry and go to more enlightened independants who don’t automatically assume everyone is a criminal, but instead treat them with some respect.

I’ve been away 2

I’ve been away for a few days. We went over to the west side of the state and hung out a place called the snooty fox. They have six little cabins and it is pretty nice. Check out their site for more info.It is only a few minutes from the beach. The beach is great but the water in lake michigan is really cold. I have posted some pics at http://abuelsamid.com/media/snooty_fox/
The weather was great and we found a couple of really great places to eat. For breakfast I highly recommend the blue plate cafe and for dinner definitely check out Cafe Gulistan