Dan Gillmor on Faith as Science

Dan Gillmor had a good post yesterday about Shrub’s recent comment that Unintelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution in schools. As usual Dan has hit on a very important point in there. Why aren’t business leaders up in arms about the damage that republican policies are doing to the education of our kids and the future or our economy. I have no doubt that actions of the shrub administration will lead to a declining standard of living for our future generations in this country unless of course you happen to be part of the republican upper class. What amazes me is the continuing belief by so many poor and middle class voters in this country that by voting for the gop they will eventually benefit and be part of the republican class. In fact the policies that they are voting for only push them further down not lift them up. And unfortunately most democrats don’t seem to have the backbone to stand up and tell it like it really is because they mostly depend on campaign contributions from corporate interests. They provide enough support to both sides to maintain the facade of 2 party state in this country when in relaity what we have is a 1 corporate interest state.

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