Daily Archives: July 30, 2005

Lasik 4

Jules had lasik yesterday and it is working great. She went from barely being able to see me across a dinner table to 20/25 in less than 24 hours. It will apparently get better over the next month and then stabilize. This morning we had to go back to the clinic in Windsor for the 24 hour follow up and every thing is looking great. The problem was coming back. The freeways in the detroit area are all torn up right now. Both major east-west highways (I-94 and I-96) are all torn up and at least partly closed. What a mess. Getting the Lasik donw in Windsor saved about 40% compared to the same procedure in the US. Apparently in this country, clinics have to pay Bausch and Lomb a royaltie for every single procedure thay do, whereas in Canada they just buy the equipment form them and don’t have to pay them anymore.

Depot Town

Thursday night my friend Mark and I went down to Depot Town in Ypsilanti to grab some dinner and catch up. I haven’t seen Mark since he quit working where I do in February. Thins are still in flux for Mark but he just got back from his annual family vacation in France. His wife Pascal and the kids are coming back next week. Depot town was really cool. They have these cruise nights onThursady nights, and it seems to be getting really popular. They have been doing it for several years in the summer time, but this is the first time I have gone down there on a cruise night in a couple of years and it was packed with people and cars. There were old classic cars lining both sides of Cross street all the way from River street to Huron. It is great to see events like this doing wo well in Ypsi. The downtown area is improving too. If you are in the Ypsilanti are make sure check out some of the eateries. If you like Mexican food make sure to check out La Fiesta Mexican on E Cross St. They awsome authentic mexican food. Michelle and Memo run my absolute favorite restaurant. If you like Vietnamese Dalat downtown on Michigan ave, has great food. And in depot town the side track has great fish and chips and burgers and a wide selection of beers. Aubree’s in dpot town is also good. And when you are done stop into Bombadill’s downtown next to library for a coffee.