In the past 9 months I have all but abandoned radio after 35= years of consistent listening. My ipod is now with me almost all the time. I listen to music that I have accumulated over the years from cds and vinyl and now to podcasts. Podcasts are audio (or video) programs that are included as enclosures with RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. The audio programs are generally in mp3 format. You can use any of several “podcatching” clients like ipodder, ipodderx, doppler or others to subscribe to the podcasts. They can automatically check subscribed feeds, download new programs and load them into your media player software and create a playlist. It works with any mp3 player (although ipods are still the best out there) The latest version of itunes (4.9) also has podcasting capability built right in. If you want to learn more visit podcastalley.com.

Basically what this means is that you subscribe to a podcast feed and then it is automatically downloaded to your computer and mp3 player whenever there is a show. There are podcasts on almost every subject imaginable, politics, tech, movies, music, comedy etc. Thanks to the intransigence of the RIAA podcasting has become a wonderful forum for finding all kinds of awesome new music. I have heard more great new bands in the last 9 months than I have heard in the last 15 years on the radio.

Goodbye radio. You blew it!!. I only listen to podcasts now.

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